Rubric Knights

Rubric knights is a turn based strategy that takes place on a rotating cube. Use each of your unit's unique attack patterns to outmaneuver and eliminate enemies as you descend further into the dungeon. Find an array of augmenting runes to grow stronger as you go, but make sure not to take too long, as enemies will grow stronger with every turn you take.

Harrison Cote

Hello! I'm an LA-based developer that likes to make videogames and other cool stuff. I picked up programming in high school with the intention of learning how to make games, and have held that goal closely ever since. I'm all about building cool gameplay systems, engine tools, and interesting behaviors.
MechaBullet Games is a coalition of like-minded developers, artists, and storytellers. We're working to create the games that we want to play, and hope to share them with you. MechaBullet began 6 years ago as a name to take up as we were learning our trades. Now, MechaBullet's grown into a full game development studio, with our first game Rubric Knights coming out on iOS and Android.